Course: Cat Colony Management

Trying to help stray and abandoned cats in Middle East or North Africa?

Then this course is for you! 

Become a hero for strays by learning how we manage cat colonies. 

Master the skills we use to protect thousands of cats and help END needless animal suffering!

Instructor: Ahmed Salim
Founder, 1001 Paws (UK) 

Online course, with certification, for rescuers and care-givers.

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Before this Course

Never-ending cycle of suffering for stray cats, increasing cat populations, increasing complaints from residents and property managers, overwhelmed rescuers and shelters.

After this Course

We'll help you reduce stray cat populations through humane methods, establish healthy managed cat colonies, learn ways to effectively manage colony problems and win support.

For Animal Rescuers / Care Givers


Do any of these points describe your situation?

  • "Management are threatening to remove my colony cats! I don't know what to do!"
  • "I care about stray cats and want to learn the best methods to help them!"
  • "I am part of group of rescuers not being taken seriously and face daily challenges."
  • "I am feeding stray cats and feel like a criminal, facing angry residents threatening to kill the cats!"
  • "My home is full of cats and I can't handle it anymore!"

Then this is the course for you! I'll show you how I effectively handled these situations. 

Ahmed Salim
Founder 1001 Paws (UK)

Animal Rescuers / Care Givers

What Will I Learn?

  • Introducing the first ever Humane and Certified Cat Colony Management Online Course specifically for the Middle East and North AfricaÂ đŸŸđŸ±
  • Master the Art of Winning Support for Managed Cat Colonies and Transform Your Communities.
  • We'll show you exactly how to establish and maintain Community Cat Colonies in the MENA region and handle the daily challenges that rescuers and care givers face.

đŸ± Course Highlights: đŸ±

  • How to establish Managed Cat Colonies to solve problems, save money, reduce complaints, and improve well-being of a community.
  • How to avoid and resolve conflicts with community members, residents, authorities, and pest control.

  • How to make a strong case and improve chances of approval for Managed Cat Colonies from Property Management / Owners.

  • How to assess and gather information on the existing stray cat situation in your neighbourhood or property.

  • How to master the effective techniques and equipment to use for humane trapping and TNR procedures to reduce time, effort and costs.

  • How to feed and provide water for community cats in a responsible, clean, and organised way whilst saving time, effort and costs.

  • How to handle emergency situations in managed cat colonies and different types of rescues.

  • How to develop effective plans and budgets for cat colony management.

  • How to distribute cats and handle new cats in a colony.

  • How to provide shelter and protection for colony cats in adverse weather conditions.

  • How to offer onsite and offsite medical care and disease prevention for colony cats.

  • How to develop adoption and rehoming strategies for colony cats.

  • Learn conflict management and behavioural assessment techniques for cat colonies.

  • Building a Community: Foster a sense of unity among residents by involving them in your mission to care for stray cats and create a more compassionate neighbourhood.

  • Educating the Community: Equip yourself with strategies to educate tenants about responsible community cat care and the benefits of fostering or adopting cats.

  • How to handle emotional and physiological well-being, grief and compassion fatigue while caring for colonies.

  • How to develop medium to long-term strategies for the positive impact on environmental balance and understanding the implications of stopping colony management efforts.

🌍 Join the Growing Movement 🌍
Be a catalyst for change in your community. By enrolling in the Cat Colony Management Course, you're not just learning – you're becoming a part of a network of rescuers and care givers making a positive impact.

📆 Limited-Time Offer:
Enrol now and receive exclusive access to downloadable resources, case studies, and a community forum to connect with fellow rescuers and share your experiences.

Successful students can, for a limited time only, join a live online session with expert Ahmed Salim held every two weeks with other certified students from July till end of September 2024.

How does being certified help?

One of the biggest challenges rescuers and cat colony care givers face is not being taken seriously by the public, by residents, pest control and by property management. Many times you are accused of being part of the problem.

The certification from 1001 Paws (UK), a reputable international non-profit animal welfare organisation, improves your ability to manage community relationships and giver stronger credibility to your rescuer efforts. Certification helps makes you part of the solution!

Get certified so you're not alone, you'll be part of a growing rescue community.


About the Course

Certified - Cat Colony Management
For Rescuers, Care Givers

Online from 1sy July 2024

6 sessions totalling 5 hours to be completed at your own pace within 30 days of access to the course.

Online, for rescuers and care givers in the Middle East and North Africa

Ahmed Salim, Founder, 1001 Paws (UK)


You need an Internet connection capable for view online videos.


Get certified and learn the proven methods to establish successful managed cat colonies for rescuers, care givers. 

100% of course fees go towards 1001 Paws non-profit care for stray and abandoned animals. Instructors provide guidance on a voluntary basis only. 

Course Modules

This is a 5 hour, online, expert led, course covering the following modules. Learn at your own pace but you have 30 days from access to complete the course:


Course Fees: Announcing Soon

Existing Rescuers who cannot afford the course, please see form below.

100% of fees go to 1001 Paws non-profit support for stray and abandoned animals. Instructors provide guidance on a voluntary basis only.

Course is designed for Middle East and North Africa.

6 online sessions totalling 5 hours to be completed at your own pace within 30 days of access. 
  • You’ll get to join 1001 Paws Community meeting and connecting with rescuers and carers, share experiences, and expand your network.
  • If you complete the course and pass the assessment, you’ll be Certified for Cat Colony Management by 1001 Paws (UK) organisation. This adds credibility to your efforts to establish and managed cat colonies.
  • You’ll also get course hand outs and how-to guides for each module.
  • You will receive templates for proposals you can use to support your efforts to win approval for managed cat colonies.
  • Doing this course means you are directly helping! 100% of your course fees go to 1001 Paws non-profit organisation to support stray and abandoned animals and No-Kill Shelters.
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 "I'm a Rescuer and cannot afford the course."


1001 Paws maintain a network of members that might sponsor a portion of the course fees for existing Rescuers that cannot afford this course. Please register here to join the waiting list. 

100% of fees go to 1001 Paws non-profit stray and abandoned cat rescue and care. Instructors provide guidance on a voluntary basis only.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About the Expert Instructor

What's my story? 

I spent 18 years jet-setting around the world implementing non-profit educational initiatives through award-winning productions that engaged more than 450 million people. I've created high impact initiatives with many international organisations including the UN, UNESCO, WFP and National Geographic.

But... just outside my own doorstep I would regularly find hungry and vulnerable stray cats. 6 years ago I decided to do something about it... That something mushroomed into the formation of 1001 Paws animal welfare organisation that is championing efforts to end needless suffering for stray and abandoned animals.

In the last 6 years, I've successfully controlled stray cat numbers in 32 urban areas and established 'No-Kill' Managed Colonies for 2,800 cats, handled more than 2,000 feline TNR (Trap Neuter Return and Rehome) and organised more than 4 million meals for animals.

Ahmed Salim
Founder 1001 Paws (UK)

I'm teaching real techniques, not theory   

In this course, I'm teaching you everything I've learned in setting up successful Managed Cat Colonies, reducing cat numbers, saving lives and helping transform properties and resident wellbeing.

My 6 years with thousands of hours in rescue and cat colony management and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent... compacted into this 9 hour course.

Ahmed Salim
Founder 1001 Paws (UK)


Sami Yusuf

International Composer and Musician

"This is truly a life-saving, gamer changer course for all animal rescuers, care givers, shelters and property managers.

Ahmed Salim is a master in establishing and managing cat colonies. I've spent a lot of time seeing him in action. A true master in this field.

I am delighted that this course is available exclusively through 1001 Paws and that 100% of the course fees are going to support stray and abandoned animals and no-kill shelters."

Nathalie Cockayne

Leading Hotelier, Middle East and Thailand 

"Ahmed’s nickname is ‘Ahmed the Cat Man’ and is 100% deserved due to his total love and devotion to all things feline.

I remember when he told me that he once slept on the floor of his bathroom for a month with a cat that was behaving aggressively in order to ensure his bad habits changed, and it worked! His solutions for community cat colonies work also!

Ahmed is my go to for all cat colony needs. His devotion the the TNR process, the Cat Sanctuaries he creates and his personal dedication to improving wellbeing for all is testament enough to his amazing cause.

I highly recommend Ahmed as a source of support and expertise in all cat related situations, large or small."

Turana Atash

Founder, Luxury Fashion Brand

"An amazing opportunity for those who want to learn more about how to take care of animals. Ahmed Salim and his team at 1001 Paws are highly experienced and leaders in their field.

This course promises to be a transformative experience not just for the students but for the animals whose lives can be improved by implementing the methods being taught."

Layla Talal Gama

Yoga Instructor, Animal Care Advocate

"This course is a must for anyone needing guidance and advice on how to safely and effectively manage cat colonies in their country.

Ahmed Salim is the perfect choice to lead this program as he has vast amounts of experience in this field not to mention running his own organisation 1001 paws as well!

It’s well thought out and tailored to helping those wanting to make a difference for their feline friends in their community. Do consider giving this course a shot as you won’t regret it!"

Stephan van Wijk

Founder and CEO, Radical Thinking

"This course will be transformative to all animal rescuers and is packed with real methods that work, not theory.

I'm delighted to have been able to support the animal care work of Ahmed Salim and the 1001 Paws team over the years.

Ahmed Salim is an expert in this field. This course will help save lives and improve well-being."

Hanan Dowidar

Senior International Development Practitioner

"I am delighted to recommend Ahmed Salim's online course on managing cat colonies! His unwavering passion and genuine love for cats coupled with his sincere dedication and extensive expertise make him the perfect instructor for this subject.

Having personally witnessed his determined commitment and profound mastery in the field, I can vouch that this course will be a life-changer.

I fully trust his substantive knowledge and enormous practical experience, and I'm certain this course will offer participations a transformative learning experience in cat colony management.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an outstanding expert in the field!"


We do have a lot of stray cats in North Africa 😱 i try to do as much as i can to help. This course is such a brilliant idea

Yasmin Sheikh

Brilliant idea and a great job. Hope this will resolve a lot of issues in the Middle East and make a difference


Your course will be truly instructive and informative. I recommend everyone to participate in this amazing, useful course. Thanks for your efforts, may Allah bless you. đŸ™đŸ»â€ïž

Fatiha Youssef

I will spread it ,💛💛to the maximum people who are already interested to get courses ,it will rescue a big number of animals in middle east 💛🙏

Safaa Keylani

Thank you, Ahmed, for bring prompt with your answer for my question. This course is an amazing initiative which I hope would immensely help to guide us through this challenging and frustrating territory.


Amazing initiative 👏👏

Amel Elk

Magnifique! Merci champion đŸ™ŒđŸ»

Noha Ahmed

It's really great Idea that's all what we need .. I hope to join this course Insha Allah 🙏 Thank you Ahmed for your efforts and great projects

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